Happy New Year

 The above three words fill our hearts with a novel enthusiasm. Every year on Jan. 1, We welcome the upcoming year with lots of celebrations and good deeds along with some resolutions to be followed throughout the year. But, the fact is; these resolutions don’t accompany us for more than 10-15 days. Actually,We make so typical resolutions that it becomes almost and finally impossible to carry on. After 2-3 days’ guilt of the accomplished promises that we made to ourselves in the form of resolutions; we start enjoying our days like the previous year.

The forthcoming year adds more joy and a sense of rejuvenation in our hearts. On this day ,we enlarge our hearts and forgive each other,we donate to our heart’s content,We don’t annoy anyone,We don’t display any ill-feeling even towards the most hated person of the last year. Why can’t we practice this the whole year?

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel awkward and uncomfortable when you try something new.”

Brian Tracy

In my viewpoint,We should celebrate each day like a new year day . We should paint the town red each day .We should devoid our hearts with all the evil emotions and spread love and fraternity the whole year . Each day of the year is special and We should celebrate every moment of all days and strive hard to reach our goal and to live life in a positive way .

In order to avoid the regret of unfulfilment of our resolutions , I suggest to take small resolutions divided in steps . For example , If we want to lose our weight ; instead of taking resolution of losing 30 kg in a year , we should take resolution to develop the habit of rising half an hour earlier than usual , and exercise with a mild diet plan ; instead of following a strict diet chart with a laborious exercise schedule . These small changes will definitely bring change in our body weight with the passage of time. If not as fast as our resolution , believe me it will bring permanent change in our life style. So, we should not make so difficult promises to ourselves that seem to be impossible , and try to achieve small goals that are easy to attain . Every completed step fills us with more zeal to head towards the next step . In short , simply enjoy each moment of each day instead of making our lives tedious, complicated and monotonous as nothing is going to change ,unless we try . HAPPY NEW YEAR ONCE AGAIN!

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