Early Planners

Since my childhood, I have always been an early riser. I remember well when and how did this habit develope in me. It so happened that I had been in my class 2 when I went to sleep at 5 in the evening and woke up at 5 next morning. Although I slept for 12 long hours but, when I woke up early by I hour than my usual days; I felt a great happiness and enthusiasm.

On that day,I was early in everything. I went for a walk with my father and played with the children in park. When we returned, I found that I had enough time to get myself prepared for the school. I got ready for the school before time and that too without hassle. I recalled my lesson and went to school. I felt fresh for the whole day. I realized a kind of energy reeling in my mind that kept me active. I firmly made a determination that from today onwards,I will wake up early no matter at what time I go to bed.

By waking up early, we can perform number of activities that we find difficult to perform on a regular basis. We can exercise and maintain our health. We can go for a walk and witness the wonderful site of rising sun,birds chirping and twittering in the unknown sky. We can inculcate the habit of reading beautiful books, playing guitar,plan our day; and believe me you will spend your day the way you have planned. And this is such a bodacious feeling that can’t be expressed. Just imagine, you are the master of your day, your time! Everything will be managed exactly what you have aspired for so far. You can plan for your future and you will become What you want. And what not?

There is nothing that remains unreachable. You can work upon your weaknesses and hone your skills. By developing this habit,you can observe those things closely that you ignore everyday in a hurry to reach your workplace.

The most beautiful aspect of early rising is that you witness all the happenings of the day as if life is starting before your eyes. Just think once! You are beholding the creation!

You must have heard people complaining that they don’t have sufficient time to spend with their families,to enjoy their work or to live their passion. What is the use of such monotonous life? Have you ever thought that all the successful and great people were also given 24 hours per day just like you are given. And they have accomplished all those acts of kindness and greatness only in their allotted time, then why can’t you,my friends??? The difference lies within their style of working and time management. If you wake up at 8 in the morning and you have to reach office at 9, what will you do except rushing for your workplace! But if you wake up at 5 or 6 in the morning, you can work to make your future better, you can plan your strategies well to accelerate your growth. And to achieve all these things, what you have to do is just to put the habit of early rising into practice. If you rise timely,you will grow early. I don’t say that late risers don’t grow, but they don’t grow as fast as the early risers. So, give your day a positive start by rising before time. Organise your day judiciously and enjoy your life to its fullest.

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I am an assertive, proficient and profound author, social worker, personality developer, Editor,parenting counsellor and proudly a teacher who aspires to bring positive change in the society.

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