Life is Beautiful

Yes! Life is beautiful. Life gives us many reasons to smile.God has created everything and everyone beautiful. What we need is to have the sight to see the beauty in everything. The chirping and singing of birds,the red sky in the morning,the rising and setting sun, children playing and running, people doing laughing exercise in parks, flowers smiling at each other or whatever you see around you is beautiful. The most beautiful thing of the day is that every morning we get brand new 24 hours. The new morning inspires us to earn success. For an animal other than humans, success is to feed itself properly and survive . Their whole day is a race for food and survival. For humans, success is not only to fill stomach,but to give wings to their dreams and reach the zenith.

Life is beautiful as no one wants to leave this earth. Even the person lying on death- bed or suffering from long illness aspires to live. We can increase this beauty by spreading happiness. To spread happiness,you do not need money. Your smile can make the day of a beggar,your neighbour or your colleagues. Smile has reciprocative property. If you smile at a child or a sad person,he or she will supply you immediately with a broader smile than that of yours. Here, the condition is that your smile should be natural,pure and without any adulteration or malice.

Feelings behind any gesture play the pivotal role in spreading happiness. Anything given with disgust will not bring any grace or happiness at the either end. If you yourself are dissatisfied with your life, how can you show true smile and motivate someone to bring happiness in someone’s life? As they say ‘charity begins from home’ ; I say ‘ Happiness comes from within’. We need to work upon ourselves in this direction. In this short span of my life, I have realized that contentment is the key to happiness. If you are not content, millions or trillions of dollars cannot make you happy. And if you are content, all the treasures are not more than heaps of ashes. Being content does not mean to lie dormant or not to strife for achievements, but to keep ourselves free from all sorts of egos and materialistic achievements. We should be empathetic and try to feel the similarities between the smiles and cries of us all. Only then, our life will become beautiful in true sense and will add excellence to the beauty of life.

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I am an assertive, proficient and profound author, social worker, personality developer, Editor,parenting counsellor and proudly a teacher who aspires to bring positive change in the society.

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